Upgrade Veeam Backup and Replication v8 to v9 (part 2)

in this blog we will explain how to Upgrade from Veeam B&R  v8 to v9 and you can download Veeam source from this link Download FREE Trial and you can try it for 30 days with no feature limitations.

Upgrade Veeam B&R v8 to v9

Screenshot (32)

start installing veeam backup and replication

Screenshot (35)

Accept EULA and then press NEXT

Screenshot (36)

Here you can find the old product component that was installed before in this server.

Screenshot (37)

Browse to your license

Screenshot (38)

chooser SQL server instance .

Screenshot (40)

Start installation   Screenshot (43)

Screenshot (44)

Screenshot (58)

Then press finish and restart

Screenshot (60)

login again to Veeam B&R

Screenshot (63)

will open Veeam backup and replication and all feature will be available for 30days

Screenshot (66)


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