System logs on host are stored on non-persistent storage

In our post this time we will talk about issue that faced me all the time that i installed VMware vsphere on USB flash  or SD cards in this time when i opened the Esxi server this error appear to me  ” vmware system logs non-persistent storage” and beginning to find all required expected and potential to fix this issue.

I searched for this issue and try all ways to fix this problem in the end i find KB To that helping to fix this issue.

All details in this KB said that ” you should Create a persistent scratch location and below all details that help you.

Creating a persistent scratch location

1- You must explorer your Data Store from Esxi and Create folder with server host name like (Cloud01).


2-Enable ssh in your Esxi server and use putty to login to it.


3- Through the command go to the location of your new folder.


4- after that write command PWD and press Enter  then you can copy the path

5- login again to Esxi and Go to Configuration >> Storage >> advanced setting >>> past your copy in Scratch configuration and press ok

Screenshot (373)

6-Reboot your Host


for more details http: //


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