vRA 6.0 :Deploy vRealize Automation 6.0.(part 3)


VMware vRealize Automation 6.0 installation:
Prerequisites for installation:
Have Available Resource for Cloud automation :
  • vRA Appliance: 2vCPU, 8GB of RAM, (2VMDK *15GB and one 25 GB).

vRealize Automation 6.0 requires hosts to be identified using their fully qualified domain names (FQDN). DNS infrastructure is very important.

  • If you are not already, log into the DC, open the start menu >> Administrative Tools >> DNS
  • Right click on the forward lookup zone for your domain, select New Host (A or AAA…)
  • Enter the hostname and IP address used during the OVF deployment.

Deploy the vRA 6.0 Appliance:

v12. Choose the source OVA .


3-you can find all details about vRA 6.0 ova appliance here.


4-Accept the license agreement


5- Change virtual appliance Name or let it as a default name.


6- Choose the Host or the Cluster that the virtual appliance will work on.


7-Choose Data Store that virtual appliance will stored in .


8- Show all info about Datastore and choose Disk Format i will use thin format.


9-Choose the Network should the virtual appliance use.


10- Now you will configure the password ,Host name that you configured record for it in AD and complete other network configuration as your network design.


11- from here you can find all option that you configured in last steps don’t forget check box to power on the virtual machine after finishing the deploy .


12- Now the virtual Machine powered on you can open the console in see the process.


13- the virtual appliance ready to configure you will find your IP use it to connect to virtual machine through web browser.


14-open your internet browser and write your ip :5480



the next post will configured vRA 6.0 to communicate with identity appliance.

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