vRA 6.0: Identity Appliance Configuration (part 2)


This the next step in our private Cloud for vRealize Automation 6.0 implementation and configuration in last step we talked about deploying Identity Appliance 2.2.0

1- After Complete Deployment you can open vAppliance for virtual machine Console that in vSphere Client.


2-Now you can Open your internet browser and beginning to Configure the Identity Appliance .

Write the ip address or all FQDN :5480 as https://vRA.cloud0ps.com:5480

Login with Root and your passw0rd that you configured before.


3- from system all information about appliance name and version all name of the host and OS name.


4- Next step time Zone configuration so you can configure your time zone and don’t forget to save settings


5- configuration SSO by configuration system domain and set your password.


Next step


configuration of SSL and Generate self signed Certificate.

configure Common name ,Organization , Organizational Unit and country Code.


configure and join identity appliance to active Directory


check your Network and identity appliance update


Now we Finished identity appliance configuration next step will be deploy and configure vRealize automation 6.0


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