After implementation VMware vSphere 6.0 and configure Tow Vms in Cluster that have shared RDM it was 700 G .

it appears to Customer when he brows Data VM Folder in Data Store that he has more than VMDK files So he thought that we create more than one LUN or Duplicate VMdk because he was have problem with Data Store in the site and can’t Power on virtual Machine.

this photo for the machine when i browse the VM folder


so i explain to him this issue with command line to explain all file vmdk to him

so i will log in to vmware vsphere Client

and go to host – configuration – security – enable ssh


after that we open putty and login to esxi throw ssh


user root and password for authentication


Now we will Go to Data store that VM stored on it .


then tack the location and name of this data store

After that we Go again to our session for putty and write this command

cd /vmfs/volumes/54992243-

and press tab it will complete the command

and then write Command (Ls ) this command effect like when we was do (dir) in dos before


all VMs in the Data Store Will appear and write again

CD (VM Name ) and enter after that LS


all files of VM  will appear to you

AH.VMDK its a describer of the VMDK.flat hard Disk

VMDK.Flat this the virtual hard disk that Created and contain all Data

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