Edit ESXI Hosts File

This case is very important to avoid any issues with DNS so after you Deploy ESXI and vCenter You Have to Edit Hosts File in all vSphere ESXI hosts and add all hosts in it.

Step by Step to do this

  1. Be sure that you let ssh running on ESXI.
  2. open putty program To Connect throw it to esxi Host .
  3. choose ssh and add host ip and connect .
  4. use user root and password to connect to Esxi


Now you Can type any Command in our case


vi /etc/hosts and press Enter. Now you are in the vi text editor. You can move around using page up, page down, and the arrow keys.Move down to the last line in the file. till now you still read only to start edit this file press INSERT now you can type your entry.

Save your Work

To quit and save changes press Esc and then type  :WQ! and press Enter.

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